Zaporizhzhia National Technical University

The history of the Zaporizhia National Technical University (ZNTU) starts in November of 1900 when a mechanical technical vocational college was established in the town of Alexandrovsk (now Zaporizhia). From that time Zaporizhia National Technical University was changing its name and in 2001 became a National.

Zaporozhia National Technical University today consists of:

  • 6 institutes, 12 departments;
  • 60 chairs (including the military training department);
  • more than 13 thousands of students including 8 thousand full-time students;
  • bachelors, specialists (engineers) and masters are trained in 51 specialties;
  • 9 teaching and laboratory buildings with the newest equipment;
  • 4 hostels for 2200 students, 1 family type hostel;
  • a library counting over 1 million copies and numerous online resources;
  • developed Internet infrastructures;
  • a sanatorium facility, a medical centre, — health and recreation centres on the Dnieper River and the Azov Sea;
  • sports and nutrition facilities;
  • robust administrative services.

Over 110 years our university has been graduating thousands of professionals many of whom became leaders in the respective branches of Ukrainian industry.

The educational process in Zaporizhia National Technical University is provided by 830 lecturers including 600 lecturers with science degrees and science rank. 29 persons have honored ranks of distinguished scientists and education workers, including State award laureates.


 A number of grants obtained by the University from international funds and programs are the evidence of the international recognition of Zaporizhia National Technical University. The objective of these activities is to integrate into the worldwide economic system, and form foreign investments for the education sphere in Ukraine. According to the data of the National TEMPUS Office in Ukraine Zaporizhia National Technical University ranks first among the Ukrainian Institutions of Higher Education participating in the realization of TEMPUS large-scale and the most substantial educational projects.

Institutes & Faculties

Below is more information about each faculty of Zaporizhia National Technical University:

Mechanical Engineering Institute

 Faculty of Transport

 The Faculty of Transport of Zaporizhia National Technical University conducts scientific research in the following areas: transport nets optimization, transport logistics, microprocessor technique and simulation tests in transport, mathematical modelling of combustion processes in engines, alternative fuels usage, wearing out of transport machines’ elements, supporting computer design of transport machines’ units, vibroacoustic diagnosis of machines and vehicles, dynamics of vehicles’ suspensions, applying numerical methods in designing and optimizing wheel units and wheel-rail systems, telematics and transport safety.

The faculty of Transport of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of automobiles
  • Department of Transport Technologies
  • Department of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Department of Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

In the fields of mechanics and machine construction, management and production engineering, mechatronics and biomedical engineering, you can study the broadly understood mechanical engineering (construction, technology, automation, diagnostics and computerization), but also management and production engineering as well as get to know production systems or quality management. The latest fields of study respond to the needs of the labor market — the knowledge pool of mechatronics engineers combines several areas of knowledge and skills. Biomedical engineering educates engineers — specialists in the construction and operation of medical devices and prosthetics.

The faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Engineering Technology
  • Chair of aviation engine technology
  • Chair of metal-cutting machines and tools
  • Chair of machine parts and lifting and transport mechanisms
  • Chair of metal processing by pressure
  • Department of Higher Mathematics

Institute of Physics and Technology

 Faculty of Engineering and Physics

By combining the problem-solving skills of engineering with a thorough grounding in fundamentals, engineering physics enables diverse career choices within engineering or science. Telecommunications, remote sensing, nanodevice design and fabrication, optics, integrated circuits, biomedical engineering, and energy systems are just some of the fields graduates of engineering physics find careers in. Because the skills that they possess are so fundamental, their expertise in problem solving is always in demand. Many students also go on to graduate studies in more specific areas of engineering physics.

The faculty of Engineering and Physics of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Physical Materials Science
  • Chair of machines and technologies of foundry production
  • Department of Equipment and Technology of Welding Production

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Zaporizhia National Technical University provides its graduates with the theoretical and practical competences in the field of electrical engineering, by means of developing the technical and informatic skills in view of research, design and development of dedicated software.

 The faculty of Electrical Engineering of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises
  • Chair of Electric Machines
  • Department of electrical and electronic apparatus
  • Department of electric drive and automation of industrial installations
  • Department of Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Design

The Department is engaged in research of technology to design urban and regional architecture and civil infrastructure as well as territorial environment and manage these as systems to provide an environment of high quality of life within a safe and trustworthy social framework. The Department also provides educational programs to cultivate engineer familiar with the necessary technology.

The faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Design of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Construction Production and Project Management
  • Chair of Design
  • Chair of Composite Materials, Chemistry and Technology
  • Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange
  • Department of Occupational Safety and Environment
  • Department of Mechanics

Institute of Informatics and Radioelectronics

 Faculty of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications

Among the activities of the students of the faculty — the structure and technology of transport networks and access networks, the design, operation and maintenance of modern communication systems, research and measurement lines, including optical fiber, construction and technical operation of modern mobile and wireless communications and digital television, radio and the methods of radio frequency management. Training and research work at the Faculty is conducted by highly qualified specialists who have extensive research and profile teaching experience.

The faculty of Radio Electronics and Telecommunications of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:


  • Department of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Department of Micro and Nanoelectronics
  • Chair of information technology of electronic means
  • Department of Information Protection
  • Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Technology
  • Department of Computer Systems and Networks
  • Department of Software
  • Department of Systems Analysis and Computational Mathematics
  • Scientific and technical council of the Institut

Institute of Economics and Humanities

Faculty of Economics and Management

Well-qualified faculty teachers contribute to the evolving responsibility, diligence, self-reliance and communicability of the future graduates. Student internship is given high priority at the faculty. Successful careers of the alumni at various Lithuanian business organizations, local branches of foreign companies and governmental institutions serve as a testament to the fact that the studies offer enough universal and specialized knowledge to help the students successfully integrate into the competitive world of business.

The faculty of Economics and Management of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties: 

  • Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Taxation Department
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Marketing and Logistics
  • Department of Physical Education, Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports
  • Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Humanities 

The Faculty of Humanities’s of Zaporizhia National Technical University research spans from basic research within philosophy, via history, arts and literature, to applied research in fields as languages and linguistics.
Our faculty is also hosting environments that work with artistic development of high international quality.

The faculty of Humanities of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of International Economic Relations
  • Department of Translation Theory and Practice
  • Department of Ukrainian Studies and General Linguistic Training
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Political Science and Law

Institute of Management and Law

 Faculty of International Tourism and Economics

The versatility of the students’ training allows them to enter the postgraduate studies after graduating from the university and receive the necessary qualifications, to work as teachers in educational institutions at all levels of accreditation, to engage in research work.

The faculty of International Tourism and Economics of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Chair of tourism, hotel and restaurant business
  • Department of Economics and Customs
  • Chair of information technologies in tourism
  • Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Professional Communication

Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Management

Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports of Zaporizhia National Technical University explores sport and exercise through a humanities/social science approach. This program brings together related fields of sport history, the history of physical culture and exercise science, and the history of doping and human enhancement. Other related topics include Olympic studies, cultural studies, sociology and gender studies, law, political science, and ethics/philosophy.

The faculty of Physical Culture and Sports Management of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Physical Culture and Sports Management
  • Department of physical therapy and ergotherapy
  • Department of Special Education

Faculty of Law

At the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhia National Technical University, students study the administrative, legislative and judicial branches of the government from a wide range of angles. These concepts are huge, complex and important phenomena that have a direct influence on people’s existence, lives and well-being.

The faculty of Law of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties:

  • Department of Criminal, Civil and International Law
  • Department of Constitutional, Administrative and Labor Law
  • Department of General and Political Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

 The Faculty of Social Sciences of Zaporizhia National Technical University is the largest centers for education and research in the field of social sciences. The faculty has active researchers in disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, journalism, political science, social work and psychology. Research carried out at the faculty also takes the form of applied and cross-disciplinary projects. Several researchers at the faculty participate in international research networks.

The faculty of Social Sciences of Zaporizhia National Technical University has following specialties: 

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Journalism

Hostels & Campus

Zaporizhzhya State Technical University was created by a Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decision dated 20 April 1994. In August 2001, according to Ukrainian President’s Decree ZSTU was awarded the status of a National institution. University campus occupies territory of 14,2 hectares including:

  • Educational zone – 7.8 hectares;
  • Living zone with hostels – 2.25 hectares;
  • Recreation zone – 3.8 hectares;
  • Other – 0.35 hectares.

The University has on its balance 4 dormitories located in campus.

The total number of places for students is 1705.

Students live in rooms for two, threemen under sanitary standards (6 m2 per 1 student).

Those territories include 7 educational buildings, sport complex, administrative and business buildings. There are 5 hostels in the university with living space of 25 000 sq.m. ensuring 100% students accommodation. One of the hostels is used for married students’ couples. The main building of the university hosts canteen, assembly hall, editorial and publishing departments, center of computer technologies as well as auditoriums, laboratories, computer classes. There are 43 computer classes governed by faculties and chairs. Computers are also used in many of university’s laboratories, where laboratory equipment is combined with computers used for investigations of different algorithms and technologies. Total number of modern computers used for educational purposes equals 1430 units. Wi-Fi technologies are introduced in the university.

University owns four scientific lending libraries, 8 reading halls with 454 seats. Library computer net equipped by 2 servers, 7 scanners, 7 printers, 2 copy machines and 76 computers connected into joint communicational net. Electronic library effectively increase sticking of funds with electronic text-books and methodical materials created by university lecturers.

 About Zaporizhia city

Zaporizhia is a city in south-central Ukraine, situated on the banks of the Dnieper. It is the administrative centre of the Zaporizhia Oblast (region).

Zaporizhia is known for its island of Khortytsia and Dnieper Hydroelectric Station. It is also an important industrial centre producing steel, aluminium, aircraft engines, automobiles, transformers for substations, and other heavy industry goods.

Top Attractions in Zaporizhzhya

Khortitsa National Nature Reserve

This island accounts for 90% of Zaporizhia charm. It is quite diverse, having forests, beaches, secluded places on river banks, pagan sanctuaries, the reconstruction of the Sich fortress, and stunning views from the hills on the river and DneproGES dam, and more. You cannot even comprehend it from a couple of visits. Highly recommended for everyone.

Motor Sich Aviation Museum

A stunning technical museum, focused mostly on engines produced by Motor Sich plant (including a turbine two times human height, powering An-225, the biggest aircraft in the world), but also having a motorcycle exposition and various minutiae. There is also a military equipment exhibition free of charge outdoors.

The Historical and Cultural Complex Zaporizhian Sich

The Sich, located on the beautiful island of Hortytsa, is a living museum of Cossack culture and history, and is definitely worth a visit. There is a show of Cossack horsemanship and culture in the mornings and afternoons.
You can buy food and beverages inside the Sich, which is only a short taxi ride from downtown Zaporizhia. There is a small admission charge.

Soborny Avenue

New name is Soborny Avenue — the longest avenue in Europe, 10.8 km. The walk from old town to the new town, the walk through the history. My advice to take walking tour. This is amazing historical avenue!

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