Marketing studies can help students to become professionals in the industry, teaching them how to help businesses successfully promote and sell products through the use of marketing strategies, trend analysis, research and pricing.

Marketing means promoting a product, service or an idea. On this type, of course you study business with a focus on marketing techniques — relating to advertising, customer relations, market research, consumer behavior, public relations (PR) and event organization. Graduates from this course could end up working in any of these areas, or in marketing departments of a diverse range of companies in finance, the media, retail or charities.


A degree in marketing can help to develop skills in the theory and practice of marketing; in how to identify market opportunities; how to anticipate and develop customer demand and how to communicate with and influence customers. You can also develop useful transferable skills in numeracy, communication, thinking creatively and solving problems, and in critical thinking and constructing coherent arguments. Russia has a thriving marketing industry, and many companies have their own marketing departments, so you can find marketing graduates all over the economy, not just in the marketing and advertising industry itself, but in fashion, the food industry, tourism, the restaurant trade, sport, IT and universities.

Earning your degree in marketing will offer you many different employment options. The marketing world is constantly changing and developing. Marketing is not a monotonous career that involves doing the same thing every day, and this is what makes it so interesting. One day you may be monitoring and updating your company’s social media sites; the next day you could be flying to another country for a promotional event. A week later you’ll be producing a video about your newest product. It’s an exciting career path and choosing to study in Russia can help start you on your path to becoming a professional in the industry.

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